Crappie Mates

<div id="contentArea"> <div class="cntSection"> <div class="spkbubble first"> <h4>Crappie Mates</h4> <p><img alt="Crappie Mates" src=""> Crappie Mates Fishing Team</br> Dan Dannenmueller Sr. (a.k.a., Crappie Dan)</br> Sue Dannenmueller</br> </p> <p>Dan is a Nationally Ranked Professional Fisherman and Digital Magazine Publisher. He is 2011 & 2012 Angler of the Year for the Crappie Masters Tournament Trail. Dan is a retired Air Force 25-year veteran and is the CEO of Knowledge Management Services, based in Millbrook, AL as well as owner of the largest digital crappie magazine, Crappie Now along with a new digital magazine, Catfish Now. He shares his 40 years of successful Bass and crappie tournament fishing thru how-to-seminars, TV and radio, Skype lessons, writers’ camps, online articles and informative & educational YouTube videos. </p> <p>Crappie Dan is booked on radio and television while traveling along the Crappie Masters and American Crappie Trail tours to promote crappie fishing, share fishing tips, techniques and introduce his many national & regional sponsors to audiences across North America. He, as a part of Crappie Country, has been labeled the “Ambassador for Crappie Fishing”. Crappie Dan also shares his passionate promotional and educational skills nationally by presenting, teaching and training at numerous outdoor shows, writer’s camps and retail outlets including Bass Pro Shops, Walmart and Cabela’s.</p> <p>Dan and Sue have formed a new team for 2018, Crappie Mates, and will fish both the Crappie Masters and American Crappie Trail Tours together along withall promotional activities. They have been married for over 45 years. Dan and Sue have three grown children and five grandchildren and all love to fish. Sue worked with children all of her professional career as a certified child care provider for the Department of Defense. Sue has and will continue to help Dan organize and run his writers camps, seminars, shows, etc. They plan to competitively fish and promote fishing as a family and children sport.</p> <div style="clear:both"></div> <ul id="clickzoom"> <li><img src="" alt="Crappie Mates"></li> <li><img src="" alt="Crappie Mates"></li> <li class="lastnode"><img src="" alt="Crappie Mates"></li> </ul> </div> </div> <div class="clearall"></div> </div>
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